Don’t Try Agile

Don’t Try Agile. Why create a massive disturbance in your organization unless you are going to make a big gain?

Don’t try Agile – if your Leadership does not really understand what is required of them.  - It will become something that technical people do and it will frustrate everybody and will be a miserable failure. Agile is not an SDLC is it a philosophy about how to get the whole company to work well together. Everyone who connects with the teams must embrace it to succeed.

Don’t try Agile – you will be miserable!

Don’t try Agile – if your Product Managers and Architects cannot break things down into logical bite size scalable modular pieces. – things will come to a grinding halt as they try to cram extras into a release and quality will drop as you try to push out as much out as you can amidst the noise and confusion.

Don’t try Agile – you will be miserable!

Don’t try Agile – if teams are not supported, in constant flux, don’t have a complete skill set. - Your work life will become hell, you will get nothing done and everyone will be unhappy including the customer.

Don’t try Agile – you will be miserable!

IF you do have leadership who understands and does what is needed from them to support the new way of doing things and the journey there, if you have excellent product ownership and architecture who focus on what is most valuable now and don’t try to plan the unknown future but create modular scalable requirements and guidelines, and if you have permanent self-managed cross-functional teams and they are the building blocks of the organization, you will find you are productive and happy and the customer is delighted. I have been there and it is awesome!!!

Agile is like pregnancy, you can’t be a little bit pregnant,  you can’t be a little bit Agile. Do Agile and you will have a joyful experience.

Do or do not there is no try - Yoda

by Michael Badali