Michael excels at growing individuals into high performing teams and leading organizations to evolving a continuous improvement culture. Michael’s global experience gives a well-rounded perspective and the ability to deal with people of all cultures and levels. Experienced in software, hardware and infrastructure, Michael has delivered in Online Gaming, E-Commerce, Government, Insurance, Animation, Telecom, ITO and OEM hardware in the UK, China and Canada in companies from 3 to 330,000. Michael is an exceptional bridge between technical and business people and focuses the team on delighting the customer.

What others say about Michael:

“If there is one thing you understand it’s business” – B.C.

“I think the thing you really helped with was the translation – both language and culture. Your ability to go back and forth between cultures cut through a lot of the confusion over the time I was there.”  - B.C.

“Michael has an easy-to-understand, clear and no-nonsense communication style that clients, suppliers and colleagues can all relate to. When I couldn’t figure out what my client wanted, Michael went in and within minutes figured out exactly what would delight my client…and it worked!” – J.C.

“How did you find that out? I am really impressed, no one has been able to get that information” – P.C.

“You really mean it when you say: ‘How can I help?’ Most managers are just going through the motions, you really mean it.” – B.L.

“You really understand customers” – L.J.

“You will never run out of new ideas” – L.S.


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